Find a targeted audience using a combination of creative digital marketing services
With a guarantee and at the right time
Telegram Advertising
Quick Launch
See ad results in the first few hours after publication

Low Cost
Find a targeted audience, cheaper than Instagram and YouTube

High Efficiency
Test various mechanics, from advertising in channels to creating bots
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Podcast Advertising
Cumulative Effect
Ad listening will grow parallel to the development of the podcast

Increased Brand Confidence
Get access to a loyal audience who trusts the advice of leading podcast

High Level of Attention
Listeners don't skip ads; they take them as part of the story
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Clubhouse Advertising
✔ To Be First
Reach your target audience in a unique native ad format

✔ Create Community
Start communicating with an audience that is loyal to your brand

✔ High Level of Attention
Listeners don't skip ads; they take them as part of the story
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Why trust us?
advertising campaigns launched by the agency's team in 2020
$80 000
maximum budget for one ad campaign
in 2020
required for the prompt launch of any advertising campaign
How We Work
Filling out the brief
We communicate and discuss all the details of the project
Making a forecast
We calculate the media plan and come to an agreement with you
Signing a contract
We can provide an NDA and sign it along with you
We prepare materials and control their placement
Preparing a report
We analyze the obtained result and the detailed report received
Our Team
We know how difficult it is to find a reliable contractor, so we try to be as transparent as possible with our clients.
The Leader Agency
Account Manager

✔️ Podcast ads
✔️ Telegram ads
Account Manager

✔️ Podcast ads
✔️ Telegram ads
Account Manager

✔️ Podcast ads
✔️ Telegram ads
100+ Companies Are Growing Their Businesses with PaperJet
In early November, we contacted the agency to test a new advertising channel for us—Telegram. I was very surprised when we got a result from the first placement. The guys know their stuff!
Kate S., Marketer
Through PaperJet, we lead two clients with Telegram and podcast advertisements who value transparent work with documents. Managers give their best to make effective Ad Promotion.
Sam T., Product Manager
Customer Stories
QuestEng Online English Learning Platform

Task: to advertise individual online English language courses

CPM: $66

Reach > 23.620 users

Result: 348 requests for the first free lesson
Programming School

Task: getting registrations for summer recruitment

CPM: $5.6

Reach > 21.469 users

Result: 280 registrations for participation in programming school training
SkillFactory Online Learning School

Task: to advertise the "front-end developer" course, to receive transitions to the course program with registration

CPM: $8.5

Reach > 37.664 users

Result: 544 registrations on the page.
Distributor of Optics Bottega Veneta

Task: to get referrals to the website for selling glasses for a promotional offer

CPM: $7

Reach > 2.076 users

Result: 396 visits to the site, 24 purchases
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